Ambeli eco-community in Europe

Gruvešu vietā stādam ērkšķogas

Ambeli eco-community is listed among the more inspiring enterprises from around Europe. The full list of the enterprises is available here:

The culture study “Speiga” follows the mission to build a community of same minded folks in order to increase the self-sufficiency and sustainability of local society of Ambeli which is a very remote and poor country side region. Activities include a wide range of social projects: gifting sheep and giving lectures in order to start cooperative sheep-keeping, creating a community garden, initiating a direct buying group, researching resource efficient technologies for agricultural use (mulching, biogas) and even organizing the 1st Permaculture design Course in Latvia. The initiative tries to spread the message that people CAN live in the country-side, that life is beautiful in the country-side, that it is even easier to live in the country-side than in a city, if we re-arrange our values. 1 member works full-time, 3 people work part-time and 3-8 volunteers join occasionally. NGO believes that decision should be made by people who will take part in their realization. NGO is mostly funded by different EU funds, but it is planned to start a social entrepreneurship project next year to get a financial independence.

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